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Tensei Ouji wa Daraketai


Haruto is an ordinary Japanese student who is tired of constant work and study. After getting trucked, he is reincarnated as Phil Graceheart, the youngest child in a royal family. When Phil is three years old, he gets a head injury that causes him to remember his former life. Armed with the knowledge of his past self, he is now on a mission to live a completely relaxing and carefree life.

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Admin Weeb(Not An Admin) 05:50 - 04/23/2018 Chap 2
I want more.... moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Admin Weeb(Not An Admin) 10:16 - 04/23/2018 Chap 3
Hahahahha this is hilarious
Laxius 00:25 - 04/24/2018
LOL "After getting trucked" Truck-Kun did it again.emo
Demon Yang 17:14 - 05/20/2018
Admin Weeb(Not An Admin) 18:29 - 05/20/2018 Chap 4
HAHAHAHAH that rumor
Admin Weeb(Not An Admin) 18:34 - 05/20/2018 Chap 5
their reaction is like seeing their little brother watching porn
brian steelman 03:04 - 05/21/2018
is this also a light novel?
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